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Superior Senior Care Conference and Training Workshop 2017

Superior Senior Care Corporate hosted a conference and training workshop in Hot Springs October 12-13, 2017 at the Embassy Suites. We had administrators from all over the state come and discuss current issues, network with their teammates and learn about changes coming to our industry and how to best prepare for success in the future. We also had a full day dedicated to improving our customer service skills and making sure we are surpassing industry standards for client satisfaction. It was a great time and we loved getting to see all of our great coworkers and friends! Thank you to everyone who made the event so special! Looking forward to another great meeting next year!!


SSC – Texarkana Participates in Fall Fest

Texarkana Hospice sponsored the 1st Annual Fall Fest on October 21st. Pictured is Karin Gillette, Manager of Superior Senior Care’s Texarkana office. Attendees of the event learned about the services offered by area health providers and SSC booth visitors were able to participate in a pumpkin ring toss! Looks like a fun time!!


SSC – Texarkana Gets Festive for Marketing Expo!

Karin Gillette, aka a Starbucks cup, promotes Superior Senior Care’s services to the attendees of the Twin City Marketing Alliance’s 5th Annual Senior Health Fair. Looking good Karin!!


SSC Fort Smith Participates in Local Healthcare Conference

Recently, our Fort Smith office participated in the 4th Annual Senior Care Alliance Healthcare Conference.
This conference was held September 28th and 29th at the Fort Smith Convention Center. As you can tell from the pictures, the ladies had a great time being a part of this awesome conference!



Best Hot Springs Home Care Award – 2016

Best Hot Springs Home Care Award – 2016

Congratulations to our Hot Springs Superior Senior Care office for being voted the #1 in-home care agency! This is a HUGE honor and we are very proud of our staff for making this possible. We also want to thank the residents of Hot Springs for putting their trust in us for their in-home care needs.

Below is a quote from one of the owners upon notification of the award:

“In 1985, we started Superior Senior Care in a one room office in downtown Hot Springs. We are still headquartered in the same building, but have now grown to 22 locations spread throughout Arkansas and serve over 3000 clients each year. If it weren’t for the residents of Hot Springs who put their trust in us in the very beginning, we wouldn’t be where we are today. To know they still consider us the best choice for in-home care, means the world to us. Thanks Hot Springs!”

Click here to read the bio for the Hot Springs office.


Superior Senior Care’s New Location in Forrest City

In an effort to better serve clients in the state of Arkansas, Superior Senior Care is excited to announce the grand opening of our new office in Forrest City.  Please come and visit our new location during our open house on May 19th, 2016 from 11 to 2.  The address is: 2321 North Washington, Forrest City, AR 72335.  We look forward to seeing everyone!


Senior Day at Spring Lake Park – sponsored by Dierkson Hospice – Texarkana SSC

This annual “Senior Day” event was held May 5th.  Approximately 50 people visited the SSC Booth – many of whom were residents at local nursing and assisted living facilities.  Attendees traveled in from as far away as Atlanta, TX and Hope AR.  The beautiful hanging plant was given to one lucky booth visitor and drawing winner – to no doubt brighten up a porch.  SSC Manager Karin Gillette, and Lois Skinner, RN, were on hand throughout the event, to answer questions and provide information about SSC services.  This was also a great networking opportunity with other community agency staff working in the long term services network.


Improve Senior Health by Clearing Clutter

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, the seasons are changing and it’s time for “spring cleaning” – that ritual that helps us feel like we’re casting off the old and ushering in a feeling of renewal. The practice of spring cleaning is believed to have biological and psychological effects on us. That being said, spring cleaning may present a physical challenge of increasing difficulty as one ages, often making it easier to allow clutter to accumulate. The accumulation of clutter can create an unsafe, unsanitary and potentially hazardous living environment for our elderly loved ones. This article will help show how you can reduce falls at home and improve senior health by clearing the clutter.

A cluttered environment can limit mobility, which may lead to falls or other injuries. Falls are a major public health problem as the 2 nd leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide. Older people, those over age 65, have the highest risk of death or serious injury arising from a fall.

Clutter may impede doorways and exit pathways, making it more difficult to exit in the event of emergencies, such as fire. And, certain types of clutter may make the environment more prone to fire

Excessive clutter and inadequate cleaning may lead to a host of health hazards, such as dust accumulation, which exacerbates allergies and breathing problems. Depending on the conditions, the environment might attract bugs and rodents.

Whether the home environment is owned or leased by the occupant, clutter can progress into a level that requires the occupant to leave the premises for safety and health reasons. However, for most of us, it’s just a matter of “clearing the clutter” during our annual spring cleaning schedule.

Clearing clutter, as with spring cleaning, starts with a good checklist.

1. Conduct a room-by- room assessment, identify anything that might need to be discarded, donated, moved into storage, or returned to a proper location in the home. Look around at how things are placed. Make sure the rooms are set up for easy access. Having things close at hand makes daily tasks much easier.

2. Organize the cleaning effort. Recruit a cleaning team. Invite family members, friends, neighbors or a local church youth group.

3. Tag any items that obstruct your regular walking path to be moved or removed.

4. Check for loose carpet and unsecure area rugs; tape rug edges, repair or remove any flooring which could serve as a tripping or slipping hazard.

5. In the kitchen, remove unused appliances off the counter. Rearrange storage to provide easy access to pots/pans and other frequently used kitchen items.

6. Clear out the refrigerator and pantry of stale and expired food.

7. Identify the best storage solutions (containers and location for containers) for unused or excessive items, such as books, clothing, bedding, and household accessories.

8. Conduct a home safety check as part of the cleaning effort. Check lighting and replace bulbs as needed, replace batteries in fire/carbon monoxide detectors. Assess whether you, or your loved one, would benefit from an emergency response system, or if there is one already in the home, make sure it’s easily accessible and properly functioning (replacing those batteries as well). Is the senior able to hear and use the existing telephone in case they need to call for help? Finally, check medications. Make sure no pills are expired and that the medications are being taken as prescribed. If there are concerns about medications or medication management, make an appointment to discuss this with the primary physician. Take time to research low cost/low tech medication reminder devices.

Spring cleaning, decluttering and home organization can be daunting thoughts. Getting help will make it more fun and much safer. For seniors with reduced strength or mobility challenges, trying to clear clutter might lead to injury – the very thing you were trying to avoid by removing the obstacles in the first place. So remember, organize and get the help needed to do a safe thorough job. Then, enjoy the peace of mind it will bring.

For more information on how to safely clear any clutter in your home, or the home of an elder, contact Superior Senior Care here. We can conduct a home safety inspection and provide helpful tips to reduce potential safety hazards and thus make it possible for you or a loved one to remain at home.


SSC Hot Springs Manager Nominated for Award

The Superior Senior Care Hot Springs office manager MJ Sherer was recently nominated for The Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce 2015 Ambassador of the Year! As a member of the Hot Springs Chamber, MJ has the opportunity to weekly meet and network with other community business leaders as well as volunteer in the community.  MJ has managed the Hot Springs office since June of 2013 and has a huge heart filled with desire to help the elderly of the community.  If you are in need of in home care or would just like some information on the services that Superior Senior Care provides, give MJ a call at 501-623-7767!  Congratulations on your nomination, MJ!  All of us at Superior Senior Care are so proud of you!


SSC Benton joins Benton Chamber

Our newest office located in Benton recently joined the Benton Chamber of Commerce!  The ribbon cutting welcoming them to the Chamber was held on December 18 at the SSC office located on the 3rd floor of the Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton.  The Benton office serves the Saline county area.  If you are in the Saline county area and are looking for in home care or are a CNA or PCA interested in becoming a caregiver, contact manager Pat Reeves at 501-315-4466.  Congrats Benton SSC!