About Us

 Superior Senior Care Founders Rita Hurst and Joe PascualFounded in 1985, Superior Senior Care started in Hot Springs, AR in a one-room office with one telephone. The mission of SSC was simple: provide caregiving assistance to seniors who want to stay in their homes either because they don’t need full time care, or just aren’t comfortable leaving their homes to live in a residential care facility. Rita Hurst and Joe Pascual, owners, saw a developing market that needed to be served. They also looked into the future and clearly saw that nursing homes would not be able to handle the burden of an exploding senior population as baby boomers began to reach retirement age.

Over the last thirty years, the market has grown dramatically, just as they had foreseen. Due in part to their efforts, Medicaid and Long Term Care Insurance providers now pay for in-home care provided by caregiver registries, which has also increased the number of people utilizing these services.

The company now has 23 offices across the state of Arkansas. They serve 2000+ seniors with an administrative staff of 51, a nursing staff of 22 and more than 1300 caregivers referred for employment.

Superior Senior Care is a Caregiver Registry because it is a business model in which the company leaders strongly believe. As opposed to an agency setting, or nursing home model, a Caregiver Registry offers:

  • Consumer – Directed Care
  • Lower cost – typically delivering quality care for 10-30% less than agencies
  • Greater client participation in decisions concerning your care
  • Better continuity of care
  • Stronger relationships between client and caregiver
  • Lower caregiver turnover
  • Market driven caregivers performing at higher levels

Superior Senior Care is committed to providing its clients with the absolute best caregivers who provide the highest quality of care in Arkansas. Your satisfaction is mandatory for our continued success – and that is the guiding principle upon which our company is based.