Simplified Care

Becoming dependent on others for care is difficult for all of us. Whether its help with light housekeeping, full time care, or simple companionship on a regular basis, making the decision to hire someone can be worrisome and confusing. Superior Senior Care was created to make it easier – for seniors, their children and caregivers who want to serve clients.

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Experience You Can Trust

For more than 29 years now, Superior Senior Care has served thousands of families across Arkansas. As the first licensed and accredited caregiver referral service in the state, we have blazed a path not only providing better care, but also by pushing for and attaining safety standards and licensing in the industry.

Superior Senior Care was the first licensed and accredited caregiver referral service in Arkansas.

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Covering ALL of Arkansas!

Superior Senior Care is the largest caregiver registry in Arkansas. With 18 locations across the state, you can be assured there is an office near you with a friendly staff ready to help. Click the map for a listing of all the counties we serve.

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Client Minded

Our goal is to serve seniors and their families the way they need it – safely, dependably and affordably. With a rigorous screening process of the caregivers, we can assure you that your choice of caregiver is trustworthy, experienced and compassionate to your needs.

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The In-Home Care You Need, Delivered in a Safe, Dependable and Affordable Way

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Quality Caregivers

Our rigorous caregiver selection process sets us apart in our industry.

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Close & Convenient

With 18 locations statewide, we're always close to home.

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Familiar Surroundings

Care in the comfort of your own home.

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Your Helping Hand

Superior Senior Care is dedicated to it's clients. Visit the Contact page to submit your questions.